Call For e-Poster

Dear Young Researchers, Master Students, PhD Students, Innovators and Inspired Civil Engineers. This is an announcement from organizing committee of

8th International of EACEF in Zurich (Switzerland) and Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

NEW !!!!

The participants can submit e-Poster (without full paper) as their research projects, innovation in construction technology, new patented construction method and equipment, sustainable construction materials, huge construction projects (Bridges, Water Dams, Buildings), public transportation etc.

Authors must prepare their e-Poster using EACEF templates.

e-Poster Template

All the e-Posters will be published in the website Upon on   the Author request, the accepted e-Posters can be also presented in the conference technical sessions (October 12-14, 2022)
*For the attended participants their printed Poster will be shown during the technical sessions (October 12-14, 2022)
All accepted e-Poster will be published by the Conference Organizing Committee in EACEF e-Poster Proceeding.

You are really welcomed to register!

Registration fee:
only USD 50 for International Participants
Rp. 700.000,- for Indonesian Participants
(The fee is already included to join the conference sessions on-line)

Please submit your e-Poster before August 20 2022 by using this form:

EACEF 2017_Hyun-Kyung Kim_Poster
EACEF 2017_Seyeon Oa_Poster